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If we only had a dime for every WordPress website we've encountered with SEO problems!

WordPress popularity has exploded over the last 5 years, with millions of users moving their websites from traditional static HTML, or cumbersome custom CMS system cms, over to the WordPress platform. It makes sense. WordPress is an amazing, customizable CMS platform that offers so much flexibility, that pretty much anything is possible, with some custom development work behind it.

That being said, SEO is usually one of the last things on the radar during these migrations. And it hurts, with lost ranking due to forgotten 301 redirect mappings, incorrect canonicalization & pagination causing duplicate content issues - if you're not building SEO into the migration process, expect to see massive traffic losses during the process.

WMT specializes in custom SEO for WordPress. We know what plugins work, what plugins don't, and what plug-ins require custom development work in order to function properly from an SEO perspective.

A good example of this is canonicalization. This is a function to deal with duplicate content, for example when you have a product that lives in two different categories, or when a blog post makes sense to live in two different sections of your blog. The out of the box functionality for all WordPress plugins is incorrect. Default plugin behaviour is that it will insert a Canonical tag that simple points to the page it's on - there is no functionality to set a master page version, making the plugin useless - and just plain wrong. But no one tells you this - plugins are promoted as if they solve duplicate content problems when they don't.

Getting us in early in the planning stages, before the build begins is critical - we can't stress this enough. We need to be involved during the planning stages so that budgets can be allocated to items that require development modifications. The Canonicalization example above is just one of many modifications that are required to WP websites if you want SEO correctly implemented.

Based on your website, we'll help build out the technical development implementation plan - and ensure that every single area of your WordPress website is thoroughly, properly optimized - giving your organization the best possible chance for maximum organic search performance when it's go live time.

In addition to implementation services, we'll also provide recommendations for ongoing monthly improvements - content strategies, social media plans, email marketing strategies and much more. We'll make sure that you're not forgetting about ongoing growth of the organic search channel, with smart recommendations that actually work, increasing traffic to organic month over month, year over year.

So contact us today about your WordPress build - we provide a free, no obligation Discovery Session for us to discuss your project and determine the best way we can help.