Why SEO?

Why SEO?

As we've been trying to stress, search engines are the most important traffic source for any website, regardless of the vertical. Organic search typically provides anywhere from 40% to 80% of a site’s total traffic, somtimes even more.

Our SEO services provide substantial improvements to all Key Metrics associated with the organic search channel, including:

Increased Visits
Increased rankings for more keywords equals more traffic - Increase Visits 25% to 150% or more.

Increase Brand Exposure
Optimize & expose important content - Increase Brand Exposure 50% - 200% or more.

Reduce Bounce Rates
Optimize for users, not just search engines - Decrease Bounce Rates by 10% to 40% or more.

Increase Engagement
Keep users engaged with rich content - Increase User Engagement by 15% to 50% or more.

Continuous Improvements
Monthly services allow us to measure, monitor and fine tune our focus - We provide actionable recommendations, not just raw data.

Log into your Google Analytics, go to Acquisition, All Traffic, Channels and have a look at where Organic Search comes in. The referring traffic sources you're seeing here, should be taken into consideration when it comes to determining what bucket your going to put your online marketing dollars into. Yes, you absolutely should be pursuing other traffic sources, but organic search should always be your most important channel - give it the attention it deserves.

Web Marketing Toronto will increase the key metrics that matter to you, providing more qualified visitors via the search channel – from online orders, lead generations, to time on site, page views and signups. Whatever is important to you, is important to us, and as long as our recommendations are followed, we’ll see measurable lifts to your search KPI's.

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