SEO Services

SEO Services

Web Marketing Toronto's SEO services incorporate your organizations specific and unique business objectives, which ensures recommendations are aligned and will provide long term, sustainable return on investment.

When it comes to SEO, WMT leads where others follow. As a result, the way we approach SEO is completely different then what you've probably encountered with other Toronto SEO companies. 

The first thing you'll notice is that  we don't provide "standard" SEO proposals. Instead we provide SEO Strategies and Roadmaps. These fully comprehensive documents, outline specific SEO recommendations and are organized into Technical, On Page, Off Page, and depending on your objectives, may include other opportunities such as paid search, social media, email marketing, conversion optimization, advanced analytics and more. These roadmaps are then used to guide your organizations SEO and online marketing efforts for 12-24mths, providing much more value compared to traditional SEO proposals.

This level of thought and strategic planning goes into all Web Marketing Toronto SEO projects, which fall into one of two scenarios:

1.) New Sites/Redesigns - Incorporating SEO into a new or redesigned website. 
2.) Existing Sites - Incorporating SEO into an existing website.

Both scenarios follow similar methodologies, with the Site Audit for existing sites, and Site Scope Review for new/redesigns being the only differences.

  • Information gathering
    • Intro discovery session
    • Completing our SEO questionnaire
    • In-depth discovery session (optional, if required)
  • Site audit (existing sites only)
  • Site scope review (new sites & redesigns only)
  • Strategy & Roadmap documentation
    • A series of initial recommendations
    • Ongoing monthly recommendations

Regardless of whether we're dealing with an existing site, or you're planning a complete redesign, the SEO process always starts with an initial discovery session. This provides us with the information required to build your SEO Roadmap and Strategy estimate. This details the costs for us to thoroughly review the project plan for new sites, or a full audit for existing sites, which are required in order for us to identify what's required and provide recommendations.

When this estimate is approved, your SEO Strategy & Roadmap is created, which normally takes between 1-2 weeks, depending on the complexity of your project. When it's completed, we schedule a call or onsite visit to walk you through our recommendations.

Because our recommendations are so comprehensive, clients typically like to have some time to digest and review them internally, then regroup to identify what they want to focus on, and how they would like to split phases up.  Some clients choose to implement everything, while others pick and choose based on their budget requirements, and while it's totally up to you, we'll provide guidance on what items are vital, so you're not inadvertently cutting out high priority items.

Implementation can be shared between internal resources and Web Marketing Toronto. For example, many of our clients choose to have us provide 2-3 examples of pages that require re-writes and how social media posts should be crafted, then create the content internally, flowing it back through us for optimization and editing, reducing costs. We're completely flexible and care more about getting as many items done as possible, then who's doing it.

Results. This is the primary reason why we do things so differently.

In order to provide our clients with SEO services that deliver long term, sustainable results and return on investment, we need to fully understand their business objectives and all the issues that exist with the current or planned site - typical SEO proposals can't do this. After all, how can recommendations be made without knowing what needs to be fixed? As for continuous improvements and growth, standard SEO proposals have a short life span. Once you've implemented them, then what? Where's the strategy, what's the plan? In addition, recommendations need to be aligned with your long term strategy.

The reality is that effective SEO recommendations can not occur in a vacuum. Understanding the issues that exist and considering the long term strategy is vital to any well designed SEO strategy.

So if you're looking for a unique perspective for your organizations SEO campaign, let the experts at Web Marketing Toronto provide you with real results and long term growth that will take your online business to the next level, with reporting to back it all up.