SEO Key Metrics

SEO Key Metrics

Web Marketing Toronto builds Analytics into every SEO project, helping you establish what key metrics are important for your business.  These key metrics can then be used to monitor and measure the performance of all your online marketing campaigns going forward.

While every business is unique, there are some reports you'll want to monitor on a monthly basis regardless of the vertical you belong to, these include:

  • Organic Search Traffic – visits from non-paid search – year over year, and month over month.
  • Ranking Reports – core keyword ranking reporting – with historical comparisons.
  • Ecommerce Revenue – for sites with ecommerce, revenue by source reporting – year over year.
  • Lead Generation – aside from sales & revenue, what are the key goals for your site? Contact form submissions? Phone calls? Make sure you have the ability to measure, monitor and report on these every month.

Call Tracking

This is consistently one of the most overlooked areas of tracking, yet it's one of the most important areas to monitor.

Not everyone orders online, emails, or completes contact forms. A large percentage of your customers will reach for the phone when they have questions, so making sure that you're able to track inbound calls is vital. Without call tracking in place, you'll be missing a huge part of the equation when analyzing campaign performance.

We use sophisticated, yet easy to install software that allows us to track inbound calls and provide you with invaluable reports on the traffic source of the caller, location of the caller, how long the call lasted, if they were a new caller, or have called in before and more.

You can even have the calls recorded, and track right down to the keyword level. We can provide toll free and local numbers which you can use for all your campaigns, including print advertising.

The key metrics we help you establish will allow you to monitor, measure and calculate return on investment not just for your SEO campaign, but all your campaigns. We'll help you eliminate guess work and allow you to make educated business decisions on where resources are best spent.

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