SEO Best Practices

2017 SEO Best Practices

Over the last 17 years Web Marketing Toronto has identified and established its own search engine optimization best practices to ensure that a website not only meets, but exceeds minimum levels of search engine optimization.

These elements ensure there aren’t fundamental problems with core SEO elements that could limit the number of pages being crawled and indexed by search engines, as well as providing maximum conversions, whatever the key metrics are.

Whether the site platform is using a CMS such as SharePoint, Wordpress, Joomla, or it’s been created with a custom solution, the same SEO elements are required in order to maximize search engine performance.

We organize SEO elements into three primary categories:

1. Technical Optimization Items
These include all the server related items such as analytics & tracking, redirects, site load times, directory/URL structures, SEO plugins & extensions and more.

2. On Page Optimization items
These include all the “on page” items such as HTML coding (META tags, etc...), content creation and optimization, navigation style, call to action and more.

3. Off Page Optimization Items
These are all the external items, such as social media profiles and posting strategies, link profiles, Maps/Local Search, Google+ and more.

Web Marketing Toronto can provide your organization with the ability to identify and correct core elements of your website that are limiting the number of pages being crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines, ensuring that your site is providing maximum search engine results.

With 17 years of SEO expertise, Web Marketing Toronto provides best in class SEO services.

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