Email Marketing - Subscribers

Newsletters, In-House Mailing Lists - whatever you call them, they work.  For most organizations their in-house newsletters are one of their top performing campaigns and as such are mandated to grow and expand the number of people that subscribe.

Email Marketing Toronto

Web Marketing Toronto will create an effective email marketing strategy for your newsletter campaigns that will drive the growth of your subscriber list, without sacrificing conversions.  We understand that it's not about quantity, rather quality. You need subscribers that are actually interested in your products or services and are prepared to pull out their wallets and order.  We have experience building newsletter lists for smaller organizations, up to large National retail chains, all with the same excellent end result, huge subscriber base growth.

Spend your dollars with us and we'll put together and help you execute a strategy that will increase your subscriber list anywhere from 20% to 200% year over year.

In addition, we can also provide Conversion Optimization services for your newsletters and provide you with feedback on the general layout and content of your newsletters, as well as provide analysis and insight in some of your campaigns KPI's - helping you make sure you're making the most of your email deployments.  We can also help with your sign up process, making sure that you're collecting the data for now and in the future when you're ready for a little more advanced segmentation, or perhaps you're ready now, and if you are, so are we.