Client Reviews

Web Marketing Toronto has been providing clients with SEO, SEM and other online marketing services since 2000.  Here's what some of our clients have had to say about our services.  Please note that due to privacy concerns, we can't share the actual business name, nor their URL.  Learn why on our Privacy Page.

Client Testimonials

Web Marketing Toronto provided us with a number of services - all of which have been outstanding - but the most important factor they brought to the table was insight into what areas of our online marketing campaigns where actually performing. Since then we've used this data to further refine our campaigns and gone are the days of 'Faith Based' online campaigns. Everything is tracked, reported on and measured, so now we actually know what's working and what isn't." – National Consumer Electronics Retailer

Our site has over 50,000 unique products, and for us the challenge was how to optimize all our product pages, as well as main, root and sub-category pages. Web Marketing Toronto very quickly optimized our whole site just in time for us to push to production before the Google Panda update hit, which actually saw our traffic levels climb just over 20%! Well done guys!" – National Comparison Shopping Site

Our category is consumer electronics, which couldn't get much more competitive. Prior to Web Marketing Toronto getting involved we really only had Brand related rankings and 90+% of our traffic was either direct or referral, search traffic was barely on the radar. Thanks to their SEO campaign, we're in the top 5 for virtually every conceivable keyword and search traffic now represents over 80% of our overall site traffic - Amazing!" – National Consumer Electronics Retailer

When our company first started the SEO process we used one of those $49.00/month SEO specials, what a waste of time and money that turned out to be! After Web Marketing Toronto was brought into the loop and finished fixing all the mistakes the previous company made, we're now ranking for all our core search terms, sales are way up and we've just signed for another year!"– Toronto Law Firm

Web Marketing Toronto's SEO Campaign has taken our site from just ranking for our company name, to top 3 positions typically dominated by huge law firms. In addition the monthly services such as ranking reports, Analytics summary reports, content additions and link building campaigns continue to grow the number of keywords we're ranking for and overall traffic to the site. New client business has grown so much we've had to hire new lawyers." – Toronto Law Firm

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