About Web Marketing Toronto

Web Marketing Toronto is led by senior SEO and online marketing specialist, Jeff Fidler.

Jeff started working in the SEO industry in 2000, when Google was operating out of a garage, and Yahoo, AltaVista and Infospider were considered cutting edge search engines.  

That was then, this is Now

The world of search has evolved dramatically since then, with search engines becoming more and more advanced every year.

Over the last 17 Years Web Marketing Toronto has literally worked in hundreds of different industries, from online casinos and US based Online Pharmacies, to Manufacturing and big box Canadian Retailers. We've worked with businesses large and small, and along the way we've learned what works, and more importanly, what doesn't.

Innovation and learning is important to WMT.  To keep up with the ever changing world of SEO and digital marketing, we're always running experiments, tests and analyzing the data, as well as managing a full portfolio of client properties.  It's this commitment to learning and growth that allows us to provide clients with best in class SEO and other digital marketing services.

Start leveraging our knowledge and experience. Let us help you maximize the performance of your SEO and other Online Marketing campaigns.

Contact Us, complete our Instant Quote, or give us a call at 866-409-1729 to discuss how Web Marketing Toronto can help your business succeed online.